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We started humbly but with a grand plan: We wanted to create a restaurant that we, as the owners, would want to dine at regularly.  And with nothing but a desire to deliver a great dining experience, we've grown into achieving our goal.

Our secret? It's not only one and it's not really a secret. First, we use high quality, fresh food and we have a burning desire to deliver the friendliest service in town.  Between those two, we think we pretty much covered the main points of a great dining experience.

Turns out we also like people, too.  We're not making these delicious wings, burgers and great tasting spirits to not share them with the people that support our team and our team's families.  We hope to share them with you.  And soon.  So head on over to Chix and feast your eyes on the best chicken in town.  You won't be sorry you did.